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General Terms And Conditions For Blind Game

The present General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the GTC), the information and associated rules on use refer to the Blind website and to the Blind game apps (hereinafter referred to collectively as “game”). They are managed by the legal entity listed in the imprint (hereinafter referred to as “operator”). The GTC govern the business relations between the users of Blind and the operator.

With your use of Blind, you accept the following terms and conditions without reservation and declare your agreement with them.

The terms and conditions, the information as well as the rules of use can change at any time. The changes are binding.

Blind excludes as far as legally permissible any liability (including slight negligence and coincidence, ii), liability for consequential damage (e. g. loss of profit) as well as liability for auxiliary persons) and in connection with the use of the App. The same shall apply in the event of unlawful interference with data transmission or processing or the mobile radio device. Finally, Blind accepts no liability for the correct and complete use of Blind with devices where the manufacturer’s protective measures are reduced or disabled.

Blind reserves the right to change, redesign or remove individual information, rules or functions without prior notice. Blind can therefore not be held responsible for the consequences of such changes.

Blind does not guarantee that the website and the apps as well as the offered functionalities will always be used trouble-free and that the requested information can be transmitted smoothly and error-free.

Blind cannot guarantee that the information provided here is up to date, detailed and complete at all times.

Access to the Blind app is via download of the Blind app from the Steam store.

Your use is deemed to be your consent to the use of the transmitted data for further offers and information (newsletters and advertising) and to their transmission (by e-mail), storage and processing within Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, Germany and the USA. The passing on of your data to third parties is excluded, as long as the data are not passed on to the sponsor for the purpose of sending the prize in the event of a possible win. If you no longer wish to receive offers and information from Blind, you can revoke the use of your data at any time at

Blind undertakes to exercise the necessary care in dealing with your personal data at all times and to observe the Swiss data protection regulations.

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