Eine Nutzerin der Audio-Tour namens «Design Promenade XR», entwickelt von Gamification-Studio Gbanga. A user of the audio tour called "Design Promenade XR", developed by gamification studio Gbanga.

«Design Promenade XR»: Design-Geschichte in Mixed-Reality

E-Learning in a fun way: learn a language by speaking it in game «Soda Serving»

AI-enabled language learning with «Soda Serving»

Visualisierungen eines Musemgames für World Nature Forum in Naters. Ein Museumsgame erstellt von Edutainmentspezialist Gbanga. Visualizations of a museum game for the World Nature Forum in Naters. A museum game created by edutainment specialist Gbanga.

Museum games @ World Nature Forum

Fotos und Kaffeetasse im GPS-Geocaching-Game StadtNatour über Natur in der Stadt. Ein Serious Game des Edutainment-Spezialisten Gbanga. Photos and coffee cup in the GPS geocaching game StadtNatour about nature in the city. A serious game from edutainment specialist Gbanga.

AR walking tour «StadtNatour», GPS-located edutainment

Mehr Platz für dich! App, Pro Juventute, Gbanga

«More Space for You!», a collaborative atlas app for Pro Juventute

UBS Quiz and Fly portfolio game by Gbanga

Edutainment with «Quiz and Fly» for UBS

Compass-based game Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

Gbanga Famiglia (2010)

Gbanga Famiglia

Mixed-reality game Gbanga Zooh

Gbanga Zooh