Turba und Tschepp von Savognin

«Turba und Tschepp aus Savognin» is an explorative adventure app for the travel destination Savognin. While listening to the carefully crafted recorded dialogs and solving puzzles, players accompanies the main characters Turba, Tschepp and Flurin on their journey through Savognin. The app was available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store until May 2019.


The app «Turba und Tschepp aus Savognin» takes you on a virtual journey. The tremendously large interactive map is packed with puzzles for you to solve. The free app for children lets you visit the main characters’ favorite animals, catch a runaway kangaroo and discover the mountain forest.

Hundreds of attractions and points of interests can be bookmarked and later sent to an email address of your choice.


The app has been realised by Gbanga, Millform Inc, for the tourism region Savognin Tourismus im Surses. The concept, the graphics, the animations, the games, the user experience design and the implementation have been done by Gbanga, Millform Inc. The client has provided the audio sources and points of interests database.

The application has been created with the Unity 3D games engine. The map system with the custom-made perspective is based on an internally developed technology.

Quick Facts

  • Huge interactive map with detailed illustrations
  • Numerous games, riddles, puzzles
  • Audio dialogs of the main characters Turba, Tschepp and Flurin
  • Bookmarks with email functionality
  • Filter function for points of interest
  • App for kids
  • Language: german


Technologies Used

  • Unity 3D
  • Gbanga libraries
  • Internal tools


Close-up village in Savognin in Turba und Tschepp

Kangoroo Fred in Turba und Tschepp

Fire place in Turba und Tschepp

Cow memory in Turba und Tschepp

Bergwaldwundertüte in Turba und Tschepp

Parental gate in Turba und Tschepp

Category filter in Turba und Tschepp

Bookmarking in Turba und Tschepp

Point of interest information screen in Turba und Tschepp