Super Manager game

In mobile game Super Fleet Manager you take the role of a fleet manager that coordinates the demands of team members and mobile network devices. The simulated small world consists of staff, their electronic devices, their cars, boats and planes. Everything is visualized with an easy to read flat design with very limited text.


Prior to the official launch of a new service offering, the client wanted to give sales staff and key account customers a playful insight into the nature of the new service offering. They should be able to try the service and truly understand the benefit of the paradigm shift that this new service involved.

In an interactive workshop with a focus group consisting of potential customers, sales staff and the project managers at the client company, we evaluated the business objectives and other requirements and designed the basic game loop. In a second phase, we designed playable paper prototypes and delivered functional intermediate results in the form of digital apps on a daily.

Gbanga Millform developed the Super Fleet Manager game as a native mobile app for both, iOS and Android.

Quick Facts

  • Explanatory game for a new service
  • Game as a sales tool for field sales staff
  • Acceptance beyond target group
  • Fun and amusing short stories with the likable virtual team members
  • Game strictly follows corporate design and corporate identity guidelines

Technology used

  • Unity 3D (Apple Xcode, Android SDK)
  • Blender
  • LAMP (leaderboard server, FB sharing)


Super Fleet Manager - world on mobile


Super Fleet Manager - game report


Super Fleet Manager - game report


Super Fleet Manager - configuration


Super Fleet Manager - tablet view


Super Fleet Manager - Hacker inccident