Pilotifant game

Pilotifant features an alarmed elephant bull in a porcelain shop. Players guide the elephant by pulling on its trunk. Goal is to minimize the damage in different levels like china shops, restaurants and lighting stores.


The game Pilotifant has been designed together with the client Die Mobiliar and the designers of the advertising campaign in the traditional style of hand-written pencil sketches.

To keep the look and feel of hand-drawn graphics, Gbanga developed native apps that make heavy use of OpenGL technologies to render hi-res textures and modify them dynamically to give the elephant and the environment a lively character.

Quick Facts

  • Innovative branding
  • Infinite gameplay
  • Skill game
  • Global and location-based leaderboard
  • Product placement
  • Cross-platform: iOS, Android and HTML5

Award nominations

Pilotifant was nominated for 3 out of 5 categories in the Swiss App Awards 2012 and won two times the gold award in «App of the Year» and «Best User Experience».

Opportunities for Businesses

Players intensively interact with the brand in proper corporate identity style.

Playable HTML5 Interstitial

A playable HTML5 interstitial was broadcasted for the Tagi.ch and Tamedia Newsnetz apps on iPad.

Technology used

  • OpenGL
  • Apple Xcode, Android SDK
  • mobile HTML5, Javascript, touch events (for mobile HTML5 interstitial)