“Ovo Challenge” is a game world and web-based gaming platform for promotional purposes, which Gbanga implemented on behalf of Ovomaltine (Wander AG). Ovo Challenge was visited by millions of players between 2016 and 2017.

Realization – A game platform for promotion

The game world of “Ovo Challenge” was designed as a platform, based on the briefing of Ovaltine. At the beginning there was the idea of how gamers can immerse themselves in the paradisiacal world and engage with the games. Through the clever, unagitated placement of the branding, always with a wink, the relationship with the Ovomaltine brand could be strengthened during the long dwell times.

Those playing the game were able to unlock and redeem instant prizes directly in the game. One-time codes printed on leporellos on Ovomaltine products unlocked additional extras.

Gbanga Millform was all full service agency from project management, concept, design and implementation and operations responsible for all areas and delivered the production on budget and on time.

The gaming platform and games have inspired hundreds of thousands of gamers in millions of gaming sessions.

Iterative to broad accessibility

Our interdisciplinary team of artists, game designers, developers, and producers worked in iterations to design the profile login platform, leaderboards, and unlockable bonus packs, as well as the various “cookie game,” “balance game,” and “festival game.”

The accessibility of the games, the gaming experience is important. Thus, the Gbanga team has tried to reduce the barriers to entry so that it is possible to play immediately without logging in and used HTML5 standards so that it is possible to get started directly in the browser without downloads. In addition, HTML5 standards were followed to allow screen readers and other accessibility tools to be used.

Quick Facts

  • Branded game world
  • Game for all browsers, desktop as well as cell phones
  • Growing number of skill games and audio games added
  • Game platform with login to manage leaderboards and unlocked bonus packages
  • Direct in-game unlocking of prizes
  • Generation and unlocking of millions of one-time codes (for print and digital)

Technologies used

  • HTML5 (Canvas, Javascript, CSS, jQuery, Phaser.io)
  • Gbanga leaderboard server (LAMP)
  • In-house developed game web platform (Joomla)

Live-Demo «Cookie Game»

In the Cookie Game, players stack cookies to unimaginable heights. But watch out: the statics and gravity are merciless.

Live-Demo «Balance Game»

In the Balance Game, players practice standup paddling (SUP). As a little twist, there is a wave.

Live-Demo «Festival Game»

In the Festival Game, the players must not lose the beat in order to rave until late into the night.