“FairFinder” is a geo-guessing game for fairly produced products.

Max Havelaar is the well-known non-profit foundation which awards their label for sustainably grown and fairly traded products. As part of their overall campaign to strengthen human rights, Gbanga built a playful experience to reach the organisations’ goals: to increase awareness and to activate even more people for fair-trade.

For the FairFinder production two passions came together: Max Havelaar with the goal to show where fair-trade impact on the planet is made and the passion for Mixed Reality – to blend the real world with the digital world. The result is a modern web experience with a delightful and engaging idea: to guess where a product comes from on a world map and the more accurate and faster you are, the higher your score.
FairFinder ran through 2021 with monthly focus topics and new content thanks to a full-fledged content management system where players, product geo-information and other game related content can be administered. Are you up for the challenge? How accurate can you guess where fair products come from? 

Quick facts

  • Custom made geo guess game.
  • Content management system to administer the game’s content.
  • 3 quick rounds to play the game in short bursts.
  • Monthly changing prizes
  • Mail Recommendation system with reward system to increase winning chances.
  • Mobile responsive game

Technologies used

  • Vue 3
  • Vue 3 libraries for multilanguage, fullscreen and more
  • Vue CLI
  • Directus
  • Mapbox

Every play session consists of 3 places on Earth of fair production – as a player you have to guess where exactly.

Well done! The more accurate and the faster you guess the more points you get.

Max Havelaar continuously adds more locations of fair production to the game – it shows where impact is made on the planet.