«Kids Crunch» Game: Augmented Reality in the palm – for a kid’s glimpse into the Metaverse

It was a joy to have been approached by Swiss cereal brand Bio Familia to create a new experience for kids to promote their pioneering organic Müesli with low sugar levels. A delightful challenge for us as experts for immersive technologies (XR like Augmented and Virtual Reality to the Metaverse) and targeted experiences for all player profiles.  Gbanga has created a next generation hidden-object game in which children find the ingredients of their new favourite, crunchy breakfast staple.

A world to explore: The joyful and playful world of Augmented Reality (AR) – we call it “our little Metaverse for our youngest players”

As a multidisciplinary team we bring everything to the table to create the Metaverse: from programming in WebXR, to 3D modeling, texturing, illustration, music and sound, game design, storytelling and much more. All disciplines were involved to create our wonderful little islands (Diorama, or Biorama how we nicknamed them) to let children not only find the ingredients but also simply explore the carefully decorated and arrange scenes. The can dive into tiny worlds of farming barns, crop fields and ponds and see the habitats of different animals and flora.

Adding personality to explore the virtual world: Two characters to introduce the new brand world and explain our sustainable future

We all know that we loved lovely characters as kids. For children it adds so much to the experience to have an avatar or character that enjoys the (virtual) world together with you. Perfectly fitting, the two characters of the Bio Familia brand welcome us in the Kids Crunch game: Squirrel Eddy and beaver Bobby introduce you not only to the fun and delicious world of «Kids Crunch», but also to sustainability facts.

How to launch a new product with a fun and immersive game

Launching a new product is an exciting moment and a crucial moment in any industry. With a game it is possible to add a value to a product’s launch as it blends the experience of the new product with something playful. A game will add punch to any product launch and involves all senses of your community. And thanks to the immersiveness of new Mixed Reality technologies it is especially exciting to fullfil today’s high requirements of entertainment. The Kid’s Crunch Game has been an especially fulfilling experience as we saw kids play, laugh and have fun to find ingredients of their new favourite breakfast cereal.

At a glance

  • Game for product launch
  • Kids as target group and safety in mind while creating the game
  • Hidden object game for the whole family
  • Lovely setting with world of characters to explore
  • Online game that complements brand and product
  • Full featured implementation of game and server logic

Used technologies

  • 3D Web technologies (WebXR)
  • A-Frame: Mixed Reality in the browser (powered by Three.js)
  • Directus: Content management system that also drive all campaign related elements (marketing flow, campaign logic, raffle)
  • Web framework Vue3, including Vitepress