Jass Fédéral is better, faster and, most importantly, playable with any type of device: be it a PC, mobile phone or via the Swisscom TV Box.

For operator Swisscom, Gbanga developed the web-based Jass website Jass Fédéral.

Since previous Jass game offers are based on Flash technology, which will be discontinued in 2020, Swisscom’s Jass Fédéral had to be developed from scratch. With HTML5, a future-proof variant was chosen. The advantage of the HTML5 standard is that it can be used across platforms.

In addition to the technological upgrade, Gbanga has also given the Jass a visual rejuvenation treatment. The bright new design looks fresh and invites gamers of all ages to try Jass once again.

The entire game can be played by touch, with the mouse or with the Swisscom TV remote control. For easier operation, each card is assigned a number on the number field of the keyboard. This allows a much faster selection of the desired card than if you have to click through each card.

At a glance

  • Online Jass
  • Playable on Smartphones, Tablets, PC, Swisscom TV
  • Game modes: slider, differential
  • Languages: German, French, Italian, English

Used technologies

  • Client: HTML5, Typescript, Phaser.io, WebSockets
  • Video streaming client & server: Jitsi
  • Server: Java, WildFly, OpenShift, VSHN
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Internal libraries and tools