In IKEA PAX Packer turns your iPhone into a game controller. With throwing movements of your iPhone, you can place clothing in the right spot in the PAX cabinet on the desktop screen. Aim, throw and win!

On the company’s homepage, players can interact in a playful way with the PAX cabinet product by throwing cloths into it.


The IKEA PAX Packer project started with the anniversary of the cabinet system PAX. The basic idea is to make the desktop browser experience more deep and engaging by adding another dimension to it: the mobile phone turns into a game-like controller that directs the desktop website.

Gbanga developed the app and technology required to communicate between the app and the website server in real-time.

Quick Facts

  • Innovative Nintendo Wii-style gameplay
  • iPhone app communicates with desktop website
  • Infinite gameplay
  • Product placement

Technology used

  • Apple Xcode
  • Mobile phone hardware: accelerometer
  • LAMP (Linux server for streaming mobile phone movement data to the game server)