A different kind of treasure hunt: Can you find repairable objects?

Our behaviour as consumers is a challenge for our planet, because buying more and more new products in a throwaway society increases our carbon footprint. «Does it always have to be new?» one might ask and Greenpeace raises awareness with a campaign for to repair things before throwing them out.

Finding virtual objects on the road – the core of «Greenpeace Go & Repair»

Gbanga implemented a treasure hunt in augmented reality for the campaign: In «Greenpeace Go & Repair», you can find virtual objects on the road. They represent things that have been thrown away or left lying around – but which can be repaired to make them fit for use again – just as valuable as treasure. You can find household and electrical appliances as well as clothes and furniture on the go and learn about the impact of repairs while finding them.

Collect things and collect knowledge

Gbanga has worked with Greenpeace to find a new way of communicating the topic in a playful way and as an awareness campaign. The results is a collecting game in which you save virtual objects from the bin – and learn about the impact that repairs can have on our planet.

Numerous objects from many categories were created for a repair rescue

Augmented Reality in the web browser

Technologically, «Greenpeace Go & Repair» is based on web technologies and can therefore be started without installing an app from standard web browsers – also on the fairly produced and repairable Fairphone – WebAR and WebXR are key here.

So why not collect a few virtual objects on the way to the repair café, flea market or second-hand shop? The game is connected to a competition, so it’s doubly worthwhile: now Go & Repair!

At a glance

  • Treasure hunt as campaign
  • Augmented Reality in the browser
  • Things to know about the  circular eonomy
  • Connected to a Greenpeace competition

Technologies used

  • WebAR, WebXR developed in Javascript for the browser on all platforms
  • <model-viewer> by Google
  • A-Frame
  • Three.js
  • p5.xr
  • 3D objects in glTF format
  • Smartphone sensors (gyroscope)