«In public space, design awaits around every corner.»

This is how the Design Promenade project aptly describes itself. And rightly so: how much there is to discover on a walk in public space on their guided tours through the city. Now you can also take the design tour through the city yourself with a smartphone in your hand. We have created«Design Promenade XR» as a a mixed-reality through Zurich .

Playfully stroll through the city and experience design

At any time of day or year or in any weather, individually or together in a group – now you can start the Design Promenade from anywhere in Zurich. Not only can you experience the expert knowledge at important design objects in the city as an audio tour, but – in true Gbanga style – we have expanded the tour with playful elements such as 3D objects and quizzes. With this the XR tour offers a digital and playful added value that is a joy to experience.

Numerous playful functions can be expected in the XR Tour, such as quizzes and a 3D viewer.

XR audio player Ambia at the core

Thanks to our experience in location-based gaming, game design and user experience design (UX), we have created the XR audio player Ambia which acts as core of the design walk. Audio information is played based on location data and also calls up additional material such as 3D objects – which can be examined very closely -– as well as quiz questions and additional photo material.

Numerous design objects have been created and can be closely examined in the app.

Design Promenade XR and the Design Weeks Zurich

The «Design Promenade XR» will be launched with the start of the Design Weeks in Zurich. The mixed reality experience will be further expanded in the future and developed together as a partnership. Do you know Zurich’s design history? Find out now with Ambia on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The experience combines guided tour, audio walk, navigational map, 3D architecture and game elements.

Quick facts

  • Audio-Tour als Mixed-Reality-Erlebnis
  • Location-Based-Quiz
  • Design-Wissen erleben, erarbeitet von Design-Expert*innen
  • Experience im XR-Audioplayer Ambia

Technologies used

  • Game engine Unity
  • Web framework Vue.js
  • Map supplier Mapbox