Compass-based game Bumble Bee

In the 2-player Bumble Bee game, you ARE a bumblebee and have to collect honeycombs to survive. Through the accelerometer and compass inside the phone, the player’s movements are accurately monitored and used in the gameplay.

Quick Facts

  • Outdoor game
  • Makes players walk and navigate
  • Multiplayer race to quicker collect honey combs
  • Uses the phone’s compass function


This game is a 2-player multiplayer game. Players must navigate their bumblebee through 3 levels, while racing against their rivals. The player with the fastest time wins.

To move the bee forward or change direction, you must physically walk forward in the real world in the direction you want the bee to travel.


  • Bumble Bee is best played in a wide open space
  • Be sure you have a minimum of 5×5 meters to move around
  • Make sure there are no obstacles that might obstruct your path
  • Walk forward to move your character in-game
  • Rotate your whole body to change direction

Technology used

  • Apple Xcode
  • Access to phone hardware: accelerometer, gyroscope, compass
  • Bluetooth: ad-hoc network for multiplayer

Demo Video