Serious Game After Party

After Party is an edutainment serious game that raises awareness around alcohol consumption and drunk driving. By combining a popular theme, it was possible to engage the target group of young adults and deliver a serious message.


The game app has been developed by Gbanga Millform AG together with Gestalt Kommunikation AG for The Federal Office of Public Health and bfu, the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention.


The game is a horizontal scroller where players have to walk home after a long party night. While walking, the player has to avoid cocktail glasses, beer bottles, wine glasses and other obstacles. Picking up alcohol by mistake increases the “virtual” drunkness of the player and increases an unprecise walk and vision blurs more and more.

To compensate the drunk level, one can answer urban myths around alcohol and drunk driving.

There are many eastereggs such as intersections to new streets, shortcuts and mini-games throughout the game.

Quick Facts

  • Edutainment for a governmental body
  • Mashup of a horizontal scroller game and trivia
  • Promote a rather unpopular serious topic
  • Social and local leaderboards


  • Unity 3D (Apple Xcode, Android SDK)
  • Blender, Photoshop
  • LAMP (Leaderboard server, FB sharing)
  • GPS and location-based services for local leaderboards


After Party won the bronze award in the games category at the Best of Swiss Apps 2013  awards.

Why we are proud about this project

The whole Gbanga Millform AG crew is very proud about the Best of Swiss Apps Bronze Award which acknowledges our efforts in gamifying education and in communicating challenging content in a pleasurable form.