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AI-enabled language learning in a game.

A game for the age of spatial computing

A VR retro game where your body is the cursor.

Connect cult products in a fantastic time travel story

Our mystical and competitive collectible card game

We create mixed-reality games for edutainment, promotional experiences and corporate and branded games.

With augmented reality, spatial computing. In the metaverse and everywhere else.

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Mixed-Reality Game Development, Switzerland

Gbanga’s vision is to create fun, immersive digital games of a broad range of genres and game experiences that are individually tailor-made to the players context, mood, taste and preferences.

Mixed-reality games are based on reality and the player’s situation. To achieve this, we use augmented reality (AR), spatial computing and take GPS, local weather data, open data and map data into account.

With our games Gbanga Zooh and Gbanga Famiglia, we already pioneered the mixed-reality game genre in 2007. In 2018, we won the world-wide Universal GameDev Challenge.


Universal Game Dev Challenge 2018

Universal GameDev Challenge 2018

Grand prize winner with the game Voltron™: Cubes of Olkarion

Swiss App Awards

App of the Year 2012

«App of the Year», «Best User Experience App»

Best of Swiss Apps

Best of Swiss Apps/Web 2013 – 2023

5 x «Gold», 2 x «Silver», 5 x «Bronze», many «Shortlists»

IMGA International Mobile Gaming Awards

6th International Mobile Game Awards IMGA

«Best Real World Game Nominee»

Our services

How can serious games & gamification support your marketing strategy?

Serious games are your means of innovative communication, incredible attention with long dwell times and high acceptance among every target group, whether young or old. Gbanga was one of the first agencies to specialize and distinguish itself in serious games and gamification projects over a decade ago. Contact us for the presentation of various games.

What can augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (XR), spatial computing and passthrough do for advertising?

These can be used for immersive, playful trade fair attractions, research or education. As a pioneer with over 15 years of experience, Gbanga creates experiences for various novel headsets such as HTC Vive Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro or XREAL AR glasses. Contact us for impressive live demos.

What can we learn from games in other sectors and industries?

Games, with their very high immersion and sophisticated usability, can serve as a model for product design of all kinds. Gbanga advises Fortune 500 companies and SMEs on the implementation of gamified, game-based services and products. Contact us for a free consultation.

Our approach

The perfect experience for users and a target group-oriented function of games and gamification in projects requires an iterative process.

Gbanga's methodology and phases of agile game development begin with the ideation workshop. This is followed by the conception phase to prepare for iterative development. At the end, the result is on the market, which is continuously developed further.
  1. Gbanga’s methodology and phases of agile game development begin with the ideation workshop.
  2. This is followed by the conceptual design to prepare for iterative development.
  3. In the end, the result is on the market, which is continuously developed further.

Gbanga is passionate about crafting fun games, including augmented reality development, Unity game development, HTML5 game development, and exhibition games.

Whitepapers and Guides

After working for nearly a decade on games and gamification, we have created a list of articles and whitepapers about augmented reality games, serious games and games as a marketing instrument.

«Playful Design» in the healthcare industry

A white-paper about gamification for healthcare. PDF in German.

Wie viel kostet ein Game bzw. eine Game-App?

An article about how much a game or game-app costs. In German.

Customer Journey Maps for Games

An article about how to apply the method of customer journey to games. In English.

10 Tipps für Briefings von erfolgreichen Ad-Games

An article about how to successfully set up a briefing for a game project. In German.

What the media industry could learn from games

Our guest post on TheNextWeb for newspapers to improve engagement. In English and German.

Playful Design for Startups

 How startups can improve their products through the eye of a game designer. Slides in English.

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We are the serious games agency Gbanga. As a specialist for gamification games and playful experiences, Gbanga implements games for contract customers. We would love to work with you on your next game!