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A few weeks back, our founder Matthias was asked how much of our recent game «Migros Merge» we built in Switzerland. At first, Matthias was irritated by this question, but then felt it must have been a compliment.

Logo with a Swiss cross for the swiss made software label

We put a lot of efforts in the games we create and the content we craft for it, so that it seems like coming from a huge, international team. Our team at Gbanga counts a dozen individuals.

So the question if we produce everything here in Switzerland was indeed an indirect compliment of what we are capable of doing.

From an outside perspective, some must have made the assumption that everything touched in our daily life is built on a globalized scale, with freelancers and suppliers from all around the world.

That made us thinking: in its entire history since 2007, Gbanga has built all their games in Switzerland, almost entirely at the studio, actually even in-house (or what’s the name for this with hybrid work styles in place?).

To clarify that spirit, we now adopt the «swiss made software» label which legally states that “at least 60% of the software” is produced in Switzerland (99% in our case).

Logo with a Swiss cross for the swiss made software label

So, if you like to have reliable game software, made a bike trip away, then, we’re your studio.

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Mixed-reality game studio Gbanga was founded in 2007. Since then, its innovative games and gamified apps for clients such as ABB, BMW, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz and Pro Juventute have been recognized with awards around the world. Gbanga is currently developing several mixed-reality games for clients in parallel with their announced mixed-reality title Advocates of Light, a game based on tower defense mechanics and real maps.

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