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The Gbanga management (from left to right):
Robin Bornschein, 
François Lachausse, Matthias Sala 

Mixed-reality games on the uprise: In its 10th year of operation, game studio Gbanga strengthens its focus and welcomes Robin Bornschein and François Lachausse as partners to its management.

Robin Bornschein (Chief Game Design Officer), game developer graduated from Zürich University of the Arts, has been creating games for two years at the company. Robin Bornschein has won several national and international awards.

François Lachausse (CTO), programmer graduated from HEIG-VD, has been creating games for three years at the company. François proved his outstanding engineering capabilities in challenging server logics in real-time projects such as Gross. Stadt. Jagd. and Galaxy Invaders VR with world-class availability and scalability.

Together with Matthias Sala (Founder and CEO) the two new partners build the management of Gbanga.

With its mixed-reality games Gbanga brings the real and the virtual world together. For over ten years its innovative games have been awarded around the world. Gbanga works for clients such as ABB, BMW, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz, Pro Juventute and Samsung.

A selection of mixed-reality games by Gbanga:

  • In «smart urban golf» the Smartphone is the club, the city the course.
  • Turba & Tschepp welcomes its players with radio plays, minigames and other points of interest – that are all correctly placed on a true to scale map.
  • In Urban Hunt a car becomes a hunter that catches players in the city.
  • An adventure awaits in «Basler StadtNatour» in which digital protagonist Johan guides players through Basel’s flora and fauna with the help of GPS.
  • The upcoming mixed-reality title Advocates of Light brings the popular tower defense game mechanic to the real world.

A complete list of games can be found on the Portfolio page.

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Mixed-reality game studio Gbanga was founded in 2007. Since then, its innovative games and gamified apps for clients such as ABB, BMW, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz and Pro Juventute have been recognized with awards around the world. Gbanga is currently developing several mixed-reality games for clients in parallel with their announced mixed-reality title Advocates of Light, a game based on tower defense mechanics and real maps.

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