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Do you have a parent, friend or colleague ready to ditch his or her location-based gaming wheels and head into the new Gbanga’s mixed-reality awesomeness? These pointers should get them started. And even an expert Mafioso might benefit from a quick refresher on the platform’s features.

Get Ready For The New Gbanga Famiglia!

Get Ready For The New Gbanga Famiglia!

The basics first: What is Gbanga Famiglia all about?

Gbanga Famiglia is a location-based game wherein players explore their cities, takeover real-wold establishments, meet other players and try to conquer (or save) the world. Gbanga makes mobile entertainment fun and interactive. Mafia Profiles are (usually) public — anyone in the world can visit your Mafia profile via Gbanga’s website and become your new Mafia friend. In Gbanga Famiglia, players compete or cooperate with each other in order to become the “Supreme Mafioso”.

On this first post, we’ll explain you, our gaming vernacular. There are certain words and jargon native to Gbanga that you may already have heard in passing. These terms are important for understanding the game.

  • Quest: A game or mini-game inside the Gbanga platform
  • Promo Quest: A seasonal game that rewards player real-wolrd prizes such as hotel overnights stay, cool gadgets, ultra-rare item, etc.
  • Side-Quest: A geo-based mission that be activated via in-game “phonebooths“.
  • Pocket: Your inventory. Everything you collected and traded within the game. Also the place you can buy power-ups.
  • Power-ups (Purchasable items): Special items that can be purchased within Gbanga. These items increase your chance of success while attacking or defending your establishments.
  • Famiglia(s): The 10 gangs that compete in Gbanga Famiglia. It can also refer to the Police Team.
  • Mixed-Reality: A series of real-world factor that impact directly your gameplay such as current weather, time, date, location and friends location.

Gbanga has a great Forum that you can refer back to, should you need yo get more information about the game.

On following weeks, we’ll be reviewing many features from Gbanga. The feedback we received from players tell us that the more you play it, the more enjoyable and fun the game becomes. We hope you stick with it, as it provide you great mixed-reality experiences and connect you with other friendly Mafiosi around the world.

Mixed-reality game studio Gbanga was founded in 2007. Since then, its innovative games and gamified apps for clients such as ABB, BMW, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz and Pro Juventute have been recognized with awards around the world. Gbanga is currently developing several mixed-reality games for clients in parallel with their announced mixed-reality title Advocates of Light, a game based on tower defense mechanics and real maps.

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