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Famiglia 2012 – A New Beginning

By Thursday July 26th, 2012January 5th, 2021No Comments

A colossal shake-up is about to happen in Famiglia.

The likes of DonBrowShirt, AfricanShortHat, and VietnameseEvilFinger are being captured one by one, and a new class of Mafia bosses will be rising soon. With new names, these prison-hardened famiglia have stronger rivalry toward each other, and each will sport unique playing styles that promise to bring certain advantages to the unsuspecting Mafiosi.

Famiglia 2012 - A New Beginning

Famiglia 2012 – A New Beginning

You can expect the same innovative aspects of the current Gbanga Famiglia, like thephonebooth side-quest missions, real-world locations to take-over, and monthly promo quests that earn you real prizes.

This update will be Gbanga at its best, and we are extremely excited to bring you a new Famiglia. Our whole team has really pulled together an outstanding work to bring out a new experience on location-based gaming. We really hope that you will find all things Famiglia as fun and innovative as the Gbanga team does.

What’s really changing?

Since we expect to receive a considerable amount of new players in the next months, we decided to reset the current points & levels. This will grant all players the possibility to become the new Supreme Mafioso.

New Map View with owned territory

New Map View with owned territory

We’ve also removed all famiglias and created a brand new story. The new Famiglia presents 10 Famiglias and one police team, which will be competing against all Mafia. Each famiglia now has special mixed-reality skills and an arch-rival that rewards you bonus points when attacked.

The new update also includes:

  • Coloured territory in Map View including the red hexagon
  • New Leaderboards
  • Twitter Integration
  • Beautiful New Mafia-Style Graphics (many in high-definition)
  • Easier take-over mechanics
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Much more!

What’s remaining the same?

You’ll keep all your in-game purchases, built-in infrastructure like Candy Labs, Shady Fabrics Factory and Mafia Villas, friends, cell names, etc. You will also keep your friends and chat history.

Furthermore, the new Famiglia game will keep the cells’s history (name, flag, shouts,…). The cells you currently own will also remain on your control. However, as part of this Famiglia chapter, you will be automatically reassigned to the “neutral” Police Team. You will also be keeping your pocket items.

The new update is coming out on 13/08/2012.

Thanks for your support,

Your Gbanga Team

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