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Apart from developing and playing awesome games, the Gbanga team will also be speaking at several up-coming conferences around the world in 2012. Approaching a large variety of game related topics, we hope to enlighten and share our expertise and experiences in developing mobile gaming and location-based apps.

Meet the Gbanga Team at various events in 2012

Meet the Gbanga Team at various events in 2012

Matthias Sala – CEO Gbanga

One Konferenz, Zurich, CH — May 10

Twitter: @babalunda

Gbanga’s CEO and mixed-reality gaming guru will be talking about in-game purchases and how the gaming platform Gbanga has pioneered the space being the first Swiss app to use the in-app monetization model. In his presentation, Matthias will share his experiences with this model, discussing its potential and limits for different sectors.

You can check Matthias’s previous presentation on Gbanga’s slideshare account. Slides from the presentation at the One Konferenz will also be uploaded to this account.

Robin di Capua – Lead Game Designer

Develop Conference 2012, Brighton, UK — July 10th to 12th


Our lead game designer, Robin, will be talking about the challenges and opportunities of designing location-based quests in a persistent online gaming world. He will be revealing his insights into quest development with LUA scripting, and AI for the location-based game Gbanga Famiglia.

Chris Solarski – Creative Director

Game Culture at Fantoche International Animation Festival, Baden, Switzerland — September 7th

The Art of Video Games Exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum, Washington — September 18th, 6:30pm EST

Twitter: @solarskistudio

Gbanga’s Creative Director will be giving a talk about the topic of his up-coming book on applying traditional drawing and design techniques to video game design. The two events above are confirmed, with more to follow.

Personal website:

Will you be around at these conferences? Feel free to connect with us! You’re looking for a speaker? Please contact with date and topic.

Mixed-reality game studio Gbanga was founded in 2007. Since then, its innovative games and gamified apps for clients such as ABB, BMW, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz and Pro Juventute have been recognized with awards around the world. Gbanga is currently developing several mixed-reality games for clients in parallel with their announced mixed-reality title Advocates of Light, a game based on tower defense mechanics and real maps.

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