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Coinciding with the 2nd year birthday of Gbanga Famiglia, we thought it was time to review our cherished location-based game, which has grown substantially over the past years in terms of content and active players. One element up for inspection was the points system, and the many number of ways in which players can level up. Without further ado, we’re proud to release a new points system that promises to be even more rewarding for dedicated Mafiosi!

New Gbanga Famiglia Point System

New Gbanga Famiglia Point System

Starting this week, Gbanga Famiglia players will benefit from a more balanced game and earn valuable points through activities such as: completing sidequests, inviting friends, playing the End of the World Quest and daily logins. The points you score go towards levelling you up in Gbanga Famiglia. Building up your profile is not only good for bragging rights; it will come in handy down the road when you are taking-over and defending Mafia establishments against friendly rivals in your real-world neighbourhood. Bellow you will find a detailed list of rewards.


  • First login of the day: 200p


  • Establishing Facebook connect: 50p
  • Publishing on Facebook: 100p


  • Trade items with Don: 10p per item
  • Offering something for trade to friend: 1p
  • Trade accept from friend: 1p


  • Takeover establishments: 50p per establishment taken over
  • Failing in taking over an establishment: 5p per establishment


  • Discovering a new Cell: 1000p
  • Relocating into 3 different Cells: 1p


  • Friendship invite: 1p
  • Sending out a friends invitation: 1p
  • Friend that accepts your invitation: 100p
  • Player accepts an incoming friendship: 100p
  • Use Cell shout: 1p

Sidequests, SprayCan, MafiaDog:

  • Sidequest completed: 100p
  • Replenish dog happiness: 50p
  • Mark dog territory: 50p
  • Forging a painting: 100p

Purchasable item:

  • Using a purchasable item: 100p


  • Unlocking an achievement: 1000p
  • 1st place in Maya weekly leaderboard: 300p
  • 2st place in Maya weekly leaderboard: 200p
  • 3st place in Maya weekly leaderboard: 100p
  • Player of the week: 5000p

We’re always interested to hear your feedback, so please join the discussion on ourforum.

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