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Last call to the Gbanga Worldwide MeetUp, which takes place next Saturday the 24thSeptember in many locations around the real world. It’s your chance to connect face-to-face with fellow Mafiosi in your hometown. You’ll have the awesome opportunity to hang out with other Gbanga fans in your area, show off your POCKET items, share tips and strategies, and of course, add friends!

Join the Gbanga Worldwide MeetUp

As we mentioned before, Meetup organizers will receive an exclusive “Organizers Badge” worth 1’000’000 CASH! Furthermore, any confirmed MeetUp location will have its CELL filled with yellow diamonds and other precious items throughout Gbanga Worldwide MeetUp Day! It’s your best chance to boost your Mafia power!

Find and join the Gbanga Worldwide MeetUp Day around the world by going to Sign up for an existing Meetup near you, help organize one, or if there isn’t a Meetup in your area, get one started! It’s easy to organize and easy to communicate with others in through Meetup as you can use Facebook Connect for fast and easy access.

The Gbanga Team will attend the Zurich event; it’s your chance to get to know the new developments, suggest new items and find out the secrets around Gbanga Famiglia!

Gbanga is supporting the Moving Planet day which happens on the same day! We would like to invite you to use public transportation or walk to your local meeting. During the MeetUp you are also encouraged to discuss how games could potentially be used to tackle the climate crisis. Your ideas can be posted on our forum.

See you there!

Mixed-reality game studio Gbanga was founded in 2007. Since then, its innovative games and gamified apps for clients such as ABB, BMW, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz and Pro Juventute have been recognized with awards around the world. Gbanga is currently developing several mixed-reality games for clients in parallel with their announced mixed-reality title Advocates of Light, a game based on tower defense mechanics and real maps.

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We are the serious games agency Gbanga. As a specialist for gamification games and playful experiences, Gbanga implements games for contract customers. We would love to work with you on your next game!