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This week: Show your Mafia face!

By Thursday February 24th, 2011January 5th, 2021No Comments

This is the week of the Mafia faces in Gbanga. The Show me your Mafia face contest is simple: change your profile picture. The winner of this competition is going to become the “Player of the week” and will have the profile posted on our websiteFacebook and Twitter. This means more friends and points for you!

Miscellaneous Mafia characters in a sketchy bar downtown

Miscellaneous Mafia characters in a sketchy bar downtown

For your inspiration, we have selected some profile pictures:

The Classics

You know the game, the real Mafioso does not look like a friendly neighbor in FarmVille. They have the feeling to be trustful you have to be serious and precise. If you are ready to become a classic Mafioso, you should have a look at the profiles of Alfredo, TheBioengineered orMafiatom.

Building your own Mafia brand

The secret lies with the ones that shall not have their faces revealed. Building your own Mafia brand requires sedulity and patience! If you plan to build your own Mafia brand, you should definitely have a look atmaleducato‘s, zmark‘s and Agent‘s profiles.

Mafiosos have a normal life

Most of the time, even Mafiosos have a normal life-style with down-to-earth activity such as shopping and visiting Grand-Ma. During they work-day, they certainly act in mobster quests. But keeping their identity clean is their ultimate goal. If you rather have this kind of profile picture, you should have a look at Kitty.

Extraverted Mafia divas

A large dose of Lady Gaga-styled profile pictures could be also effective and convince our jury (or Valentino).

We hope that you got inspired by these players and now want to pimp your own Mafia Profile… we’re looking forward to your ideas!

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